What is the best guaranį soft drink?

In Brazil, there are many brands of guaraná soft drink. There are good ones and bad ones and people tend to have a favourite brand, with which they will stick. It is a lot like beer, some you like, some not.

We would like to set up a list of the best and the worst guaraná soft drinks available at the moment.
For this, we need your vote. Please let us know what your favourite brands of guaraná soft drink are and those you like the least. In case you enter a new brand, could you state in which country it is available?

Please be patient, as the results have to be processed manually. Hopefully, in a not too distant future, this will be automated.

At the moment, we use a e-mail form for submission. Rest assured, there will be no unsollicited e-mail from our site, nor will we pass on your address to others.

The ranking is very simple: 3 points for nr. 1, 2 for nr. 2 and 1 for nr. 3. Points are added from time to time and the table is then made.

The ranking list is available (18 July 1998).

Please let us know what your opinion is:

Poll closed for the time being